Policies, quality assurance and inspection Information

All policies shown on this page are available in paper copy. If you would like to request a paper copy please let us know and these will be sent to you.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy     Click Here      

Behaviour Policy     Click Here

Admissions Policy      Click Here

Attendance Policy     Click Here

Anti-Bullying Policy      Click Here

Adverse Weather Conditions Policy      Click Here

CEIAG Policy       Click Here

Child on Child Abuse Policy Including Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment   Click Here

Children Missing Education Policy      Click Here

Complaints Policy      Click Here

Curriculum Policy       Click Here

Cyber Bullying Policy      Click Here

Duty to Prevent Radicalisation Policy      Click Here

Evacuation Procedures     Click Here

Exclusion Policy     Click Here

GDPR Policy      Click Here

FGM Policy      Click Here

First Aid Policy      Click Here

Food Allergy Policy      Click Here

Health and Safety Policy      Click Here

LAC and Previousy LAC Policy      Click Here

Missing Child Policy       Click Here   

Promoting Life in Modern Britain Policy      Click Here

Relationships and Sex Education Policy      Click Here

Safeguarding and Monitoring of IT systems      Click Here

Safer Handling Policy     Click Here     

Safer Recruitment Policy      Click Here

SEND Policy      Click Here

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Multi-Cultural Policy      Click Here

Social Media & E-Safety Policy      Click Here

Staff Code of Conduct       Click Here

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy      Click Here

Whistleblowing Policy      Click Here

Independent report of overall school effectiveness Feb 2023      Click Here

Ofsted reports and information      Click Here